Window Blinds

Apr 9, 05:42 PM

Extremely fashionable silk and lace fabrics, they are made so as to form the effect of 'chewing' (pleating fabric) that persists even after washing and ironing. Originally look fabric with a slit-window and all sorts of texture to the light, where a transmissive light somewhere completely obscure. Tulle fabric also provides a wide variety of textures and patterns and can even be decorated with a graphic or a picture with the plant. Style and design curtains, selected on the basis of combinations of lines that meet specific interior. Curtains can be a lambrequins and without. Pelmet - it is the top, a separate component of curtains hanging beneath the eaves.

In modern dance, which involves smooth lines, pelmet must reproduce the silhouette of a piece of furniture, for example, or carved panels of the cabinet or headboard. A country style, very popular now allowed bows, zavyazochki, frills and thingies. These curtains look perfectly especially in children's rooms in the country and in a private home. Window Blinds - the final touch, with which the dwelling will be feeling the full comfort and convenience. By their execution is desirable to be taken very seriously. After all, they not only protect from the sun and prying views, but also surprisingly thin emphasize the sophistication of the decoration, give the interior a special charm and often act as a stylistic accent. Properly fitted blinds are often able to radically change the perception of man to the room in which he is, - he added warmth and comfort.

Refresh and rejuvenate your interior with antique furniture, creating a sense of the season, which you prefer. The choice of color and texture range of curtains is very large. At this point, for Curtains are used transparent organza and thick cotton or neprosvechivayuschie silk fabrics, synthetic fabrics, rep, wool, velvet. All the colors of the rainbow, printed and plain, matte and glossy, with applique and combined - but this seems not enough producers. There are models in which unusual effects are achieved through the use of unusual processing techniques and materials joining. When decorating windows, it is important to consider the style of your home. For example, the classical interior fit more heavy and thick curtains, and folk - and the clear light of natural fibers. Exotic is more suited cloth saturated, bright colors with patterns or in the window blinds. In the interior a la high-tech windows will be strict and ascetic, in this case looks perfect, "metallic" fabric with embossed pattern. In the same room with antique furniture is preferable to use hand-woven fabrics "antique". If you do not want to experiment with fabrics and their money, take the choice of fabrics for the interior respectively. When choosing fabric for curtains, need to think about climate, about the size of the room, the proportions of window openings. It is also important for the design of curtains as the choice of color, pattern and texture. When choosing curtains should not forget one more rule - they should look good always, day and night. Inside, it is sometimes very difficult to determine, there is another light, not like in the apartment. And there hang fabric, decorating, usually a wall. On this site you can find the model you like curtains and in minimum time with minimum cost for the specific interior, to make these curtains with his hands.
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