The Wagon House

Jun 9, 06:12 AM

Road construction, mining and many other works are often carried out in such away from 'civilization' places, which may be the problem of organizing the workers stay. The most optimal solution of today are the wagon-house. Wagon House - self-propelled mobile buildings designed for comfortable living and working conditions for personnel performing work of the mobile nature or working in the field. They represent the building of container, set mostly on the chassis of the tractor trailer. Coach-house are used in areas such as construction, repair work, well work, geological studies are used as a mobile car repair, pump stations and chemical laboratories. Wagon House is a frame-metal structure filled with polystyrene foam insulation, interior and exterior cladding, hydro-and vapor barrier layers. Carriage house has a pneumatic brake system, parking brake, jacks for installation at sites in operation.

The outer skin is made of cold-rolled steel sheet, electrolytically galvanized, coated, resistant to climatic and mechanical stress. Inside the car-house panels of mdf, pvc, plastic or dbsp laminated fiberboard. Sex may be made of wooden boards or decking made of plywood and covered with warmed linoleum. According to the purpose the car-house may include: housing, shops, offices, public facilities, sanitary purposes, dining rooms and kitchens. Depending on the destination, the carriage house be completed, appropriate furniture and equipment.

It must be ensured by independent heating (from the oil coolers) electrical, fire alarm systems, equipped with water supply, sanitation and ventilation. The interior of the premises, lighting, designed with consideration of how to use the car-house, as people will be living in it. One of the main advantages of a wagon-house to the other mobile buildings are easy to transport. Wagon House moved by tow truck. They mounted on the chassis, the sled or on a frame that allows them to travel on any roads. Another significant advantage - no need to disassemble the house when you move, and then reassemble it - delivered to the place of office container ready for use. In addition, it is worth mentioning the fact that constructive solutions wagon-houses can withstand significant temperature changes from -60 to +400 C. Using the car-house may solve the problem origin of a large number of workers in confined spaces: a space-saving buildings can be assembled in several floors. Before buying a car, at home to choose the size of cabins. Usually dimensions of the wagon-houses comply with the required transport dimensions: they may be overall - the width of the car less than 2500 mm or oversized trucks - width 2800-3000 mm. Also, you need to decide on the kind of furniture and equipment must be installed in the cabins, and which functional units will be there. And also, of course, consider all possible additional points that may be required in building this mobile to make it comfortable and convenient for leisure or work.
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