Jul 2, 12:41 AM

"Classic" zones, which are present in virtually every residential area is zone for sleep, rest, work (office), a common area (living room), zone cooking and eating, living room (hallway), bathroom and toilet, children - the list goes on. Each room can contain multiple zones. For example, in the bedroom can be provided for the tv and video, equipped with a mini-cafe. A natural limitation is space - every functional element, be it a bed or wardrobe, tv, or coffee table occupies a certain area, plus additional space for normal access. We can say that every function in the house "worth" as much a square (in fact cubic) feet. Another limitation - reasonable sufficiency: if there is a large residential area of each room can be functionally independent housing, but is it necessary? Fashionable past two years, the union of the living room and kitchen is gradually losing its attraction - in this decision, together with the presence of a number of pluses and minuses there - no insulation, "transparency" for odors and light. A little bit about our desires and fashion for the whole "tech" and "correctness" approaches to the design, the reality is the mass of exceptions, and natural (though not quite "right") desires of people who want to live in a cozy house. Therefore, working on a design project in the first "listen" to themselves, even most functional solution that does not like you personally - will not work! In the end, to live in this house to you and your family.
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