Is There Any Chance At Real Estate Business In Saratov ?

Jul 4, 08:49 AM

To make a reliable prediction to analyze historical retrospective and current situation in the market of real estate business. Small business, to which I refer the whole real estate business in Saratov collapses and practically doomed for the following reasons: 1. Realtors Saratov missed a chance to create a strong integration framework on the type of the Urals, Perm or Ulyanovsk. 2. Scheduled work with sellers of real estate is fully absent, resulting in the concept of 'exclusive' are an endangered the term of the Saratov region. 3.

Printings gladly took advantage Saratov realtor community and do not intend to 'thin'. 4. Region as a whole is not on the rise and is a leader in those areas, which embarrassed to say. 5. The state does not show any interest to small business and does not provide legal regulation of real estate activity.

6. Professional organizations could not restrict access to the profession of the law 'of self-regulatory organizations. " This is a historical retrospective. And what's this? 1. Large real estate structures of Russia are based largely on property development and Saratov will not find a basis for the franchise. Suggest a crisis of the Moscow business model for - not seriously, and focus on Bulgaria and Turkey - all is not enough. 2. Smaller organizations in Saratov (state 3-10 people) were the most vulnerable in a crisis model. Costs rose, and a synergistic effect on the 'incident' market does not work. Business model, in which the work four or five people without a charismatic leader, joined together earlier to pay costs, have eaten their own future and cease to exist. 3. Individual entrepreneurs are gradually moving into the category of self-employed brokers to minimize its costs. 4. The most successful currently self-employed individuals to gain experience in real estate firms, and from it the same customer base. About any legalization of business in this If we can not speak. These persons are not controlled, are prone to dumping. It is for these votes ruble buyer real estate services. The future of this model is not, but there is now. 5. The experience of (2007), Bashkortostan and Tatarstan (2009) indicates that the inevitable death of a significant part (60-90%), real estate agencies. So, what happens? Ineffective past, hopeless for most present, and uncertain (for a few) future. If we talk about the business of the future, the economic outlook for the self-employed individuals is missing. The habit of avoiding costs (gross 'Shadow') - has no future. Survive in the real estate business, secure in the future a good start, only organizations that will be able to effectively organize a collective work: 1. Who will be able to diversify their business. 2. Who created or can create a friendly team of like-minded people to maintain synergy. 3. Who is correct and timely integrated into the information space, abandoning inefficient print advertising non-exclusive real estate. 4. Who does not hope for support from the state. 5. Who provides the best services, showing uncommon love and respect for customers, as well as a better professional. This publication specifically ends with a question mark, because each output will independently.
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