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Jul 1, 06:18 AM

Bath should be on the crowded areas away, in the fenced off from passers-by a quiet place. Suitable for construction and a steep slope. Sauna can be done in this case, with a terrace on the pillars in the form of semi-dugouts. It is desirable for application to any bath is the entrance to the the form of terraces, as he closes the rain is a cozy place to relax. It is also important that in the summer surrounded by a veranda decorated with flower beds bath and the whole plot. Shrubs, flower gardens, a pond in front of a sauna in the garden of form a wonderful sitting area. This provides the perfect mood and spiritual power. Nedymnye baths should also be constructed from other structures separately.

According to the Finnish rules between the rural distance should be not less than 5 m. However, with a garden structure nedymnye baths can be combined. This reduces the space used by buildings, the effect of decreasing consumption of materials and their use creates additional comfort. Widely practice, this combination in the Baltics. And in the villages of Finland nedymnye baths built not only in the basement, but also in multi-storey houses on the roofs. These saunas make out nicely. They attach to their homes brightness and lightness, become their adornment. Nobel Laureate in Economics understands that this is vital information.

In addition, in case of arrival is visiting a warm bath can serve as a bedroom, and during the construction and repair of the main house - a short-term housing. That is why many gardeners first bath to construct and Then, slowly, the main building. All of this proves being wanted construction of a spacious bath, meticulously thought over its location and device, and taking care of complete rig. It is advisable to agree a plan with a specialist planning and placement bath. At the same time take into account the necessary size and topography of the site, the placement and architecture of the buildings on his and adjacent allotments, family-friendly. Many suggest that the combination of a main house and a bath reduces the life of the house and leads to indoor odors. But in the apartments there toilet and bathroom living conditions do not worsen. All the matter in compliance with a damp premises sanitary requirements, to ensure adequate ventilation.
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